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City Composting Service

Grow It Away is a compost community around Amsterdam committed to redirecting food scraps away from incineration/landfill. It’s an awful waste to throw food away in this manner, especially when nature already has the perfect solution. We give nature the space to do what it does best and see our organic leftovers transformed into a healthy biologically thriving compost. 

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Waste Pickup

Divert Food Scraps

The first important step is to divert our food waste away from incineration or landfill. Even municipal food waste collection tends to be problematic as they either turn waste into energy, which is a sad loss of nutrients, or they sterilise the food waste on an industrial scale, which leaves little in the way of biology and available plant nutrients.


Collect Your Food Scraps

If you choose to sign up with Grow It Away, we will collect your food scraps  from your front door every three weeks in a sealable bucket. And do not threat, it is not smelly or messy. Each time we will switch the bucket with a new shiny clean bucket. The food scraps will then be cycled to one of our composting stations, located in the West and Noord of Amsterdam.



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Composting with Biology

We follow the Soil Food Web school of thought when it comes to composting your food waste. The scraps are mixed with woodchip and coffee grounds to make the perfect recipe for a healthy living biological compost which supports the growth of "good guy" bacteria and fungi and helps us achieve nutrient cycling.


A New Lease of Life

In the spring time you will receive a bucket of compost which you can use to feed your houseplants or garden greens.

As a certified SFW lab tech, the compost will also be analysed with a microscope prior to distribution, to ensure the compost is healthy and full of life. 

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