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How it works

Composting in the city of Amsterdam..


Divert your food scraps

We will provide you with a 20L sealable bucket and a list of what can and cannot be composted. Every 3 weeks we pick up your bucket full of food scraps from your front door (you can either leave it on your doorstep or you can hand it to us). Each time we will swap out the bucket with a clean one. The food waste is taken to our composting station at De Ceuvel by bike. 


Compost, compost, compost

We compost using the thermophilic method, followed by worm composting. We also follow Dr Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School of thought when it comes to composting your food waste. The scraps are mixed with woodchip and coffee grounds to make the perfect recipe for a healthy living biological compost which supports the growth of "good guy" bacteria and fungi and helps us achieve nutrient cycling.



Our members will receive a bag of compost in the spring, in time to feed their houseplants or garden plants. You can opt out, if you do not wish to receive the compost. 

You can also join us for the compost harvesting workshop to see everything in action.


How much does it cost?

The monthly subscription fee is 15 euros per month (incl. BTW) for the first bucket and 10 euros extra for each additional bucket. One bucket is normally enough for a small/medium household.

Choose your pricing plan


    Every month
    Great for individuals and couples. Contact for bigger size.
    • 20L bucket collected every 3 weeks
    • One bucket of compost back in the spring

    Every month
    A perfect gift for a friend or a family member in Amsterdam
    • 20L bucket collected every 3 weeks
    • One bucket of compost back in the spring

    Every month
    A charitable gift to help a family be a little greener
    • 20L bucket collected every 3 weeks
    • One buckets of compost back in the spring
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